Guild Exhibition


2021 Exhibition Update!          NOW POSTPONED

We hold this biennially to showcase and promote spinning, weaving and dyeing, sell members’ hand-crafted items and second hand equipment and generally raise awareness of our Guild and encourage new members to join. One of the two halls is dedicated to our specially selected traders and provides visitors an opportunity to buy related merchandise. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to have a successful event and a committee of 10 or more needs to be meeting regularly during the year before the event.

Our Guild Committee recently discussed what we should do about our Exhibition (provisional date 29th & 30th October). We have reluctantly, and sadly, made the decision to cancel this year’s Exhibition. We are in the midst of a more serious wave of Covid-19 and any organising committee cannot safely meet at all. By the time we are able to meet, maybe May or June, it is our belief that this would leave little time to organise our event.  The raffle takes many months, with obtaining the silk, then dyeing, spinning and weaving the thread into the beautiful silk scarves, which showcase our work. We have canvassed our previous traders, many of whom are also reluctant to commit to having a stall too. There may be a chance that a small event at Ringmer can be organised but we need to be meeting up normally in order to discuss it with our members.

The Guild Exhibition usually takes place at Lewes Town Hall, Fisher Street, Lewes BN7 2QS.

Our previous exhibition had Captivating Colour as the theme. Members dyed and spun silk to make woven scarves which were raffled at the exhibition. This exhibition was a showcase for items made by our members. Members are also able to sell all kinds of woven, spun and dyed items. Any technique is welcome as long as one of the three main crafts has been included. There are lots of trade stands selling all things fibre, spinning, dyeing and weaving related and there is an opportunity to buy second hand equipment.  The exhibition also includes demonstrations on various Guild skills.


Ananuca (wildwoven)
Arabesque Braids
Battle Spinning & Weaving (Ashford equipment)
Briarbank Rainbows
Diamond Fibres
The Dunsmore Nepalese Textile Trust
Isle Inspired Yarn
IST Crafts
John Arbon Textiles
Knitwit Originals
The Little Grey Sheep
My Fine Weaving Yarn (Toika equipment)
Textile Garden
Uppingham Yarns
Watercolours and Lace
Weavers Bazaar
Westfield Farm
Franziska Wieser
Woolcraft with Wensleydale


The 2019 exhibition included a special exhibit of natural dyeing and members were urged to provide seeds, plants and examples of plant-dyed spun yarn.

Also new to the 2019 exhibition was a display of small cases which could be used for glasses, mobile phones or ipads. They were woven, felted, dyed or knitted from handspun yarn, and embodied the exhibition theme of Captivating Colour.

Members also sold other cases they had made on the sales table.

The silk for scarves has now been spun by members and sent to the weavers to begin weaving for the raffle.

Silk scarf weaving in progress …

One of the silk scarves now completed!

Exhibition News