Courses are held at Made and Making, Garden Studio, South Downs Nurseries, Brighton Road, Hassocks BN6 9LY. Tel 07967 819540. Selection below but many more on their web site

Nuno Felting12th November, 9.30-12.30£40
Crochet Techniques18th November 9.30-12.30£30
Felted Pictures

Intarsia Crochet

19th November 9.30-2.30

30th November 9.30-2.30






Writtle University College, near Chelmsford, Essex
15th – 22nd August 2021

The brochure and all the forms are available to download from the Association Website..


1-2-1 online tuition    Made and Making

1-2-1 online support for £20 per hour with an initial free chat to check that she can achieve your objectives. New – Trickster Patchwork.Charming technique which turns into a fabulous cushion with lapped zip. Video workshop so complete in your own time. £20

Zips Masterclass  all you ever needed to know about zips!  £29 -learn in your own time.

Postage stamp patchwork online workshop £15

 Video workshop and full colour handout.

You will learn how to make your own piece of postage stamp patchwork and step by step instructions with all our tips and tricks will take you through this project using 1.5″ squares to create a beautiful piece of patchwork which you will then  turn into a zipped pouch, or you could turn it into something completely different.  You have the flexibility to watch where you want, when you want, to stop, start and  rewind so that you can move at your own pace and reinforce new techniques with ease. You have access 24/7 for as long as you would like so there’s no rush to complete the content .

When you purchase this online workshop you will receive a confirmation email with a full colour handout handout with log in instructions to gain immediate access.

Also several sewing projects free, small donation welcome. Includes fabric flowers and  crochet layered flowers .  FREE projects to help the NHS.

Contact   Tel. 07967819540


Online introduction to natural dyeing.

Plant based processes for natural dyeing, to create a variety of colours.
Written recipes and video tutorials covering: Fabric preparation processes: scouring, oiling, and plant based mordants.
Working mainly with protein fibres, however you can use cellulose fibres in these recipes.
Extracting colour from dye plants, adding fibres to dye baths.
Working with modifiers to expand your colour spectrum.
Creating and working with a fructose indigo dye vat. Using the vat to create blues, and over-dyeing for greens, purples, and browns.
You will be given access to learning resources including equipment list and a list of plants I have had success with, recipes, and colour swatches.

Video Tutorials taking you through the processes step by step. We will look at fabric, fabric preparations, dye plants, extraction processes, and dye processes. These videos will become available at the start of October. If you are itching to get started, there are past live tutorial videos already available in the learning resources that take you through all the processes.

Two live interactive sessions from her studio via Zoom.

The interactive sessions take place 11th November 4-5pm and 16th December 4-5

£57, £50 concessions.   Visit their web site –

Other online courses from this company include Botanical ink and paint making, Introduction to natural dyes, Bundle dyeing, Printmaking with iron oxide.   All at £50 for each course.

____________________________________________________________________          Courses in natural dyeing  £300

Core skills in natural fabric dyeing is an exciting, online home-study course  which teaches you how to dye fabric a spectrum of colours using just three plants.You’ll discover the secrets to long lasting results, play with beautiful shibori and tie-dye patterning techniques and create a final piece using your new skills.You’ll learn more about the fascinating history and ancient heritage of the craft you’re preserving while considering the ecological benefits.

Delivered via video and written tutorials that you can instantly download and keep forever, this course is packed full of content to help you feel qualified, confident and inspired to begin colouring your textiles with plants.

  • 20+ hours of written and video tuition all available to download and keep forever (equivalent to a 3 day workshop)
  • fun practical projects that build lifelong skills
  • historical and ecological context
  • 1 year’s access to the classroom
  • membership to our natural dye forum with over 10K members
  • certificate of achievement upon completion of practical projects
  • taught by a qualified textiles teacher
  • discover key equipment and tools of the trade
  • create and use a dye journal
  • set up your own organic indigo dye vat
  • try 5 beautiful shibori patterning techniques
  • create a reference swatch book of 12 colours using the heritage dyes – indigo, madder and weld
  • modify colours using assists
  • conduct wash and light fastness tests
  • discover how to grow your own dyes
  • create a naturally dyed, shibori patterned scarf using your new skills
  • Tutor : Justine Aldersley-Williams                    See web site for other courses.


Online Woven Christmas Decorations Workshop

Tutor: Jackie Bennett Location: Online via Zoom

Weave a selection of Christmas decorations, suitable to hang on your tree or elsewhere in your home, or give to friends.All materials and instructions will be provided by post to weave circular baubles, snowflakes and owls – and to create your own designs if you wish. You will be supplied with a seasonally themed pack of yarns, with a choice of mixed colours, reds, golds or naturals. Other accessories, including sticks and hoops will be included. No weaving experience required, just a desire to create and get into the festive spirit.

Kit value  at £10 & £4.99 p&p included in workshop price.

Cost: £39.99 / £0.00 (concessions or Busy Bee)


Online FREE course in Knitting and over 70 other chargeable courses on this site.Master the art of  knitting in a simple, clear, and engaging way in just 4 weeks.    Note you will need to remember to cancel before the 4 weeks is up or you will be charged for the second month.

Course Details:

1. I Love Yarn

In this lesson we will discuss the difference between the various man-made and natural fibres and how to choose the appropriate fibre and yarn gauge for their projects. Students will learn how to read a yarn label so that they can easily and correctly choose yarn for their knitting.

2. The Knitty Gritty

In this lesson the students will be introduced to the tools used to knit. They will learn how to identify the correct needles for a specific project and to understand sizing conventions and use a needle gauge. Students will also be shown how to make stitch markers from things found around the house.

3. A star-studded cast (on)

This is the first hands on skill demonstration lesson. Students will be shown, step-by-step, how to cast yarn onto their needles in preparation for their first knitting project. They will learn three cast on methods and how to identify the appropriate cast on depending on the item they will be making.

4. Stitch yes!

Using video demonstrations and illustrations (for the summary pack so that students can access the information easily offline) participants will learn the difference between continental and English style knitting. Using the continental style, students will be shown how to make a knit stitch and how to knit back and forth to make the garter stitch. We will then learn how to get the knitted item off the needles by binding off our stitches.

5. Purl it

Using video demonstrations and illustrations (for the summary pack so that students can access the information easily offline) participants will learn the different methods for forming purl stitches. The Norwegian purl will be the focus of this lesson. It is a complicated method; however it is significantly more ergonomic and worth the effort.

6. Let’s make squares

In this lesson students will use the purl stitch with the knit stitch to knit in rows to create the classic stockinette knit. Adding to their small stitch library, students will learn to make the moss stitch. Using the stitches learnt in lesson 4, 5, and 6 students will knit squares and bind them off to prepare for the next lesson.

7. Seams like a great idea

Participants will learn how to block their knitting and why blocking is important. Using scrap yarn and a darning needle, students will learn how to sew their blocks together to make a baby blanket. We’ll also discuss how to get creative with colours and stitches to design a blanket.

8. Final flourish

Students will learn how to finish their knitting neatly by weaving in ends. As an extra, students will be shown how to make and add tassels and/or pompoms to their blankets.

School of Stitched textiles online courses for beginners – they also do accredited courses. Courses in the following – stumpwork, freeform machine embroidery,hand embroidery, drawing for design, goldwork embroidery and more.
Natural fabric dyeing courses :
Create a rainbow of fabric dyes using heritage plants.
Core skills in natural fabric dyeing
Leaf Printing on cloth
Patterned by plants.
Each of these courses would normally cost £245 but online they are reduced to £75!!.
Online weaving courses from
Make your own t-shirt yarn  FREE
Tartan Design £40
Branch Weaving – learn how to weave on a branch
Woven Coasters £35
See their web site abovefor more information.

Skillshare – online classes including some that are free on all kinds of things including felting, drumcarding, washing raw fleece and much more. For information on felting courses :

Also Dyeing at


Art yarn spinning video tutorial the colour theory and colour in design for layer cake fibre prep. A very reasonably priced course for anyone interested in art yarn.

£8.40   By Pinki Punky


Create with Fibre   Tel. 01292 550393

Spinning online course

This course is about how to spin yarn: but not only that. It looks at the wide choice of fibres available and helps you to choose the right spinning tool for you.

The course represents excellent value – as well as 13 pdf booklets, there are over 120 mins of videos to accompany every aspect of the booklets, so that as well as reading about the processes, you can watch videos of exactly how it’s done.

Price £30

Weaving online course

Weaving is a great way to create beautiful handmade items for your home and wardrobe without the need for any existing craft skills. It is a simple technique in its most basic form and very versatile. Use your weaving to make scarves, pictures and even clothing. Although not a requirement, if you spin too you have the added bonus of being able to create things from the very beginning, sheep to scarf! Weaving is something that both adults and young people can enjoy.

This course will show you the basics of how to weave on a simple frame loom and progress to teaching you to use the versatile yet easy-to-use ‘rigid heddle’ loom. These looms can be used to make many things yet do not take up much room in your home and can be easily stored.

Through a combination of easy to follow videos filmed by Piotr Karter at Inlight Media and comprehensive supporting texts, experienced course tutor Janet Renouf-Miller of Create With Fibre will guide you through the weaving process from start to finish. At just £30 for 36 videos and 12 texts, it makes a great gift for any crafter… yourself included!

Price: £30


Braids and Bandsis a discussion group moderated by the Braid Society and primarily exists to provide members with information about Braid Society activities. Non members of the society with a genuine interest in braids and bands are also welcome to join this group. Members can ask questions about any narrow ware technique, or share details of their latest project. Items wanted or for sale can also be advertised. This document Instructions for Groups_io gives step by step guidance for joining and using the service.   This Braids and Bands group is hosted by
There is also a Braids and Bands group on Facebook which is also open to non members of the society and is moderated by the Braid Society.  For Braid Society Members there is a separate group on Facebook that is used for communicating Society information.

FREE Online.  Learn Simple Hand Stitching   School of Stitched Textiles  This is a short project-based course, designed to help you relax and decompress.  So, put on some relaxing music, grab a soothing drink and and lose yourself in the creative process.

For more information :


Courses usually held face-to-face.  Please check with each individual to check they are still running due to Covid.


The following coures are held at The Weald and Downland Museum, Singleton, Chichester PO18 OEU. FOR FULL INFORMATION :            Tel. 01243 811348



London Guild WSD Workshops open to all but priority given to members of the LGWSD.  For detailed information :


Sapori and Saperi Italian Artists     2020

May 16-25, June 6-15 , Sept 15-25, Sept 25-29, all in 2020

Tastes & Textiles small group tours are designed specially for people with a lively interest in fibres, textiles and the delicious regional food of Italy. These tours are all held in Italy.                                                                                                                    Tel 07768474610



Colour the full spectrum

19-21 June  2020

Residential and non-residential weekend event at The University of Worcester.

Planning for the 2020 Guilds Gathering event (which replaces the Conference) is now well
underway, with five speakers confirmed for this weekend event exploring aspects of colour:
 Margo Selby, internationally renowned woven textile designer
 Dr Susan Kay-Williams, Chief Executive of Royal School of Needlework and author of The
Story of Colour in Textiles, speaking on ‘The growing Brightness of Colour: Colour
Development in Textiles from Medieval Times to the 20th Century’
 Alison Daykin, textile designer, tutor and co-author of Creative Spinning
 Caroline Nixon, textile artist and eco-dyer
 and Daniel Harris, founder of the London Cloth Company who has recently acquired a mill
near Worcester, as the after dinner speaker on Saturday
Registration forms will be made available in January 2020

Further details from OR

The Handweavers Studio run weekly Weaving Classes held at their studio in Finsbury Park, London.  For more information or to book a class phone 0207 7272 1891 or email
the classes are Evenings – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
                           Afternoons –  Tuesday and Thursday
                           Mornings – Tuesday and Thursday
They also have workshops throughout the year .