Message from the organisers :  Spinning guilds unable to exhibit this year.

‘At this moment the South of England are hoping to continue running the Spring Show.

This year it will be held on Saturday April 24  and Sunday 25th.

The show can only go ahead if the lockdown is reduced to Tier 2. At the moment it is tier 4 as is the whole country.

However, there are various restriction placed on the Alpaca Show which means that we will, if the show goes ahead, be holding the show on one day only.

We are restricted in numbers as only 300 people are allowed in the building at any one time and the Alpaca show is not the only exhibit in the building.

To this end, I am so sorry to say that I am unable to accommodate any spinning guilds for the 2021 show’.

Further message received 3rd February

At the moment we are hoping to have a one day show on Saturday 24 April 2021.
There will be a demonstration on Sunday 25 in the ring of llamas and alpacas.
The South of England is hoping that anybody wishing to attend the show, buy their tickets on line prior to the date.
The number of people allowed in the Abergavenny building will be regulated as numbers need to allow for social distancing.
Please keep an eye on the South of England web site for any updates including if the show is cancelled