The Complex Weavers’ biennial exhibition is being held as a virtual exhibition this year – much more accessible for Guild members than the planned venue of Knoxville, Tennessee! It opens on Monday 29 June at midday (BST) at and showcases recent textile creations that bear within them some form of complexity, whether they have been woven on a table, treadle, dobby or Jacquard loom. All were made by hand and designed by humans, and all exhibit technical excellence! Well worth a visit to the site.

Caption : Cerise featured image : Hexagonal Cellular Symmetry, detail. Wall hanging by Melanie Olde. Multi-layered  handwoven cloth, woven on a 24-shaft computer-controlled loom. Each pick of weft

Edge of the Woods, detail. Wall hanging by Sondra Bogdonoff. Plain weave with
weft floats that emerge from the web, shift position in one of three angle choices, then
re-enter the weaving every eight rows. Linen.