ESGWSD Monthly Meetings

Dear All
We recently held a Committee meeting to discuss the members survey and Covid-19 guidelines. A considerable amount of research has taken place including several site visits to Ringmer Village Hall and other establishments to see how the big companies have opened up to the public in order to see how we might proceed for a trial meeting.
After much discussion, and very reluctantly, we have decided not to go ahead with the 19th September trial meeting.
We know you would like to meet up but we do not want to expose our members and families, to possibly catching the virus as a result of our opening up. At our heart is to keep you safe. We have therefore taken the decision to review meeting up again once a vaccine has become available, m00ted to be possibly Christmas or January 2021.
Gina Price



Essential Criteria for us to meet post Covid-19

We must comply with the following restrictions, these are not necessarily in any order of importance.Your committee needs your help in deciding whether it is feasible to hold a meeting whilst complying with Covid-19 restrictions as detailed. We need you to respond please to   Based on draft seating plans from Ringmer Village Hall space is limited, at the moment, to a maximum of 25 total using both halls so that we can give everyone the correct social distancing: pre-booking is essential :-

1) Would you attend a Guild Meeting conforming to the new restrictions?  Yes / No

2) Do you plan to come to the meeting on Saturday 19th September?  Yes / No

1        Members only, no visitors. Our meetings will be social. Speakers for this year have been cancelled. Space is limited (max 25) so pre-booking is essential.

2        Your committee has taken the responsibility for holding meetings. However, are there sufficient members who will commit to (i) setting up the hall, (ii) welcoming (iii) temperature testing (iv) recording members entrance and exits (v) establishing seating by order of arrival. There is a one-way system established at Ringmer Village Hall which means we must enter via the main door and turn right to our booked halls and exit is via the fire doors, which will be left open, and this will cool the hall later in the year.

  1. Be socially distanced of 2 meters from each other at all times.
  2. Wear a face mask. (In special circumstances you may request someone to remove their mask if you need to lip read). We need to remove to have a drink or have lunch, it is a fact and a risk members must acknowledge when they eat or drink.
  3. We will provide an infra-red temperature thermometer and additional PPE for members use.
  4. Someone will sign you in (and out) to provide ‘track and trace’ information required by our Government’s Covid-19 Secure Restrictions.
  5. The kitchen will be closed for our meetings until further notice (until a vaccine is found and normal meetings can happen), therefore members need to bring their own drinks and lunch.
  6. Our library would be closed to both borrowing and lending (unless we have a monitor), there would also be no sales tables or use of the microphone.
  7. Members must make their own careful risk assessment as to both their own state of health and the risk of catching Covid by attending a Guild meeting.
  8. The Committee reserves the right to cancel the meetings at short-notice to comply with any changes in Government regulations or local-lockdowns due to increase in virus cases in our area, or very low numbers of members attending.
As more is known, we will write again, and put information on our website.
Meetings normally take place  at Ringmer Village Hall, Lewes Road, Ringmer, East Sussex BN8 5QH as a visitor (£4.00) to see how the Guild works.

The mornings are usually spent meeting and greeting friends, buying sale items and reading the notice boards.  We often hold ‘mini skills’ sessions.

Members bring their own lunches (bring your own mug if you want tea or coffee) and the meeting starts at 10.30.

The afternoon is devoted to guest speakers and presentations.

If you would like more information please use the contact form or email:

Programme 2021

This is a draft programme of meetings for 2021 but due to Covid these meetings may well not now take place.  Please use the contact page for more information.

January –   Alan Brown Nettles for Textiles plus a workshop
February – Alison Ellen, Fibres, Materials, Stitches (knitting) plus a workshop on Finishing Techniques for Knitting
March –      Guild day
April –         Sally Pointer, Prehistoric Textiles