News from Saturday's meeting...

Val Conway brought in a fantastic little loom called the SampleIt. Made by Ashford it is a compact loom that would fit in a handbag!!! 

Next month (June meeting), Pam Marks is going to demonstrate making curly wurly scarves - all you need to bring in is a crochet hook, a pair of knitting needles and yarn suitable for the size of needles.

Jen Fisher mentioned a website called Craftsy which is an utopian cornucopia (dictionary for breakfast!) of craft 'how-to' videos that cover skills from cake decorating to weaving.  Well worth a vist.

Phyllis Funnell has pre-ordered a copy of Spin to Weave for the Guild library.  Delivery due in August.

The Guild will be demonstrating at the South of England Show at Ardingly on June 6th to 8th.  Lets hope the sun will shine down on us this year!

The theme for November's meeting will be Recyling and Unfinished Objects which will be run as a mini skills session.  Your chance to do something new with those unwanted, unloved or unfinished projects that lurk in a dark cupboard.



Published: 19/05/2013